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find_moms_keys's Journal

Where Are My Mom's Keys?
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Sending my mom's keys around the world
My mom is always losing her keys. Where do those keys end up? What adventures do they have that we don't know about?

I decided that it would be fun to send a set of keys around the world, with all of the community members sharing in passing them around. We'll take pictures of the keys in famous places, foreign lands, or in our hometowns. Also, each holder of the keys will add their own little key fob representing them or where they live. It can be homemade or store bought. Just a ribbon or string. Doesn't matter. Get Creative! Add a bit of yourself to the keys before passing them on to the next key holder.

Sound fun? I think it'll be a blast!

Of course we need a few rules, but not many:

1. These keys do not actually open anything at my mom's house. Safety is important!

2. Try not to add anything to the keychain that makes it expensive to mail.

3. Nobody has to share their mailing address with anyone except me or my mom. If you and the next key holder are willing to exchange addresses, great! If not, mail it back to my mom and she'll send them off to the next person. We promise to keep addresses confidential. We can only approve members to this community that we know and trust.

5. Have fun with this! If you can, take pictures of you with the keys and post them in the community. We're all excited to see where the keys end up next! Or just make a post describing what adventure you had with the keys.

Mom is emschin and I am her daughter cynnerth. Join in our silliness!