Mom's keys in Sunny Florida...enjoying the Delta Launch last week
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Don't Mom's keys want to come to the emerald coast?

Mom's keys were in England
world in hands
Mom's keys are world travelers lately. They were recently in England and Wales (for a second time!). They visited the Shakespeare exhibit at the British Museum, went to Ely and had dinner out in Bishop's Stortford...

And here they are relaxing with a beer at the Cafe Rouge in Bishop's Stortford, sporting two new key fobs. One has London symbols and the other is a pair of Wellies from the Royal Horticultural Society courtesy of lonewolf2.

Here they are on the train back to Bishop's Stortford! They even had their own seat.

Here are mom's keys in Ely with the Ely Cathedral tower in the background and the Minster Tavern to their right. That is Manolo's hand in the photo helping them pose.

While in England they decided to take a Rome! They went happily home with lonewolf2 and kiera_the_thief, the latter of whom has taken them to Rome with her on a family visit for a few days.

When they return they will be mailed to me in Spain and will get a Seville key fob and then be sent to....??????

Quite the travelers!

Back in Wisconsin

Mom's keys are back again! They made their way back from Florida, and picked up a flip-flop key fob on the way. :)

I take that back!
Rumor has it that the keys have resurfaced in Milwaukee! Hopefully more news and a picture soon...

They really ARE lost!
Mom's keys left Florida several weeks ago but have never shown up in my mailbox. They really are lost this time, I think.

Keys Found!
I found Mom's keys!

They were on the dashboard of the Mustang.

They rode with us down to Urbana, IL where they were included at the Thanksgiving table.

emschin's grandson visited with them.

More sightings on the way before they go to their next destination.
Where is that going to be? Any volunteers?

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Be crazy
I found Mom's keys!

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I found Mom's Keys!

They plopped through my letterbox yesterday, so I'm hoping to take a photo and add a key fob in the next few days. I might even wait until the weekend and post them from WALES. :-P


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